Lockdown is gradually eased but restrictions remain and flouters are still flouting in bid to reach Denia

DENIA: Flouters just can’t keep away, credit: Echiner

THROUGHOUT last weekend, Denia’s Local Police fined those ignoring Phase 1 and Phase 2 restrictions.

Fine weather encouraged visits from residents from other provinces and regions, banned during Phase One and Phase Two of the Spain’s de-escalation programme.

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The Local Police began detecting and fining would-be tourists last Friday and continued over the weekend.

Most were intercepted on the Cervantes promenade and in the Les Marines area where many second residences are located.

Vehicles included a family of two adults and two children from another autonomous region unable to prove that they were living in Denia since before the State of Alarm decree, resulting in fines for the adults.

The occupants of another car, who did not habitually live together and were not wearing face masks, were stopped and fined as they left the motorway when the police rejected their explanation that they were picking up a friend.

Neither was there sympathy for a lone swimmer at the Bovetes beach who explained that he knew this was not yet allowed but he was hot “and needed to cool down.”






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