Expats on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca fear arrival of British holidaymakers

ALARMING: Expats in Spain reacted with horror at news of beach-goers’ behaving recklessly and ignoring social distancing rules on the UK coast CREDIT: Dorset Police

EXPATS on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca have reacted with horror at news of Brits flocking to UK beaches and beauty spots at the weekend to make the most of the hot weather, despite warnings to avoid crowds and to keep at least two metres away from others.

Images of masses of people basking in the sun in seaside towns like Brighton and Bournemouth and social distancing rules being ignored have prompted alarm about how British holidaymakers will behave when they are free to travel to the Spanish costas once again.

More worrying still were the scenes at Durdle Door beach on Dorset’s Jurassic coast. Beach-goers returned in their droves on Sunday, just a day after a horrific ‘tombstoning’ incident, in which three people suffered serious injuries jumping upright from a 70-foot cliff into the sea and air ambulances had to be called out.


Yet reportedly the tombstoning carried on yesterday.

Commenting on the Durdle Door incident, Sheila Bowman, who had been due to fly out to Spain this week, said, “The level of stupidity over here is mindboggling.”

“Bloody gobsmacked at the stupidity,” agreed Sandra Russell, “people are idiots,” said Lynda Boylin.

“Typical example of some of the arrogant, obnoxious British public,” added Murray Wasik.

“People in the UK seem to think that mock down is a holiday and that Covid-19 is just some government-inspired joke,” remarked Paul Bodkin.

Bernard George said it remained to be seen what happens in early July “when all the ‘nutters’ are released in Spain to visit us in the Costas!

“It is indeed a real situation,” Bernard added.

His niece lives in the Dorset village of Lulworth, just half a mile from the coast.

“The traffic has been horrendous. The car parks were closed at one stage to try and put people off. No chance they just dumped their cars all around a quiet, pretty village. Morons!” exclaimed Bernard.

“You can’t control the virus unless people care enough… they don’t appear to. What’s worse, a lot of those idiots are going to treat us to their company very soon!”



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