Alcoy pedestrians asked to keep to the right and not hinder other walkers on city streets

MUNICIPAL CAMPAIGN: Pedestrians asked to keep to the right credit: Alcoy city hall

ALCOY City Hall launched a campaign reminding pedestrians to use their righthand pavement and always keep to the right.

“This contributes to a smooth transition to the new normality, enabling a correct use of public spaces and minimising the risk of Covid-19 contagions,” a city hall statement explained.

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The municipal recommendations also pointed out that if a pedestrian walks on the left, he or she must always give way to those on the right.

Neither should they impede other pedestrians, city hall said.

The only exceptions to keeping to the right are at some zebra crossings, traffic lights or getting into a vehicle.

City hall is announcing the measures on the social media and local broadcasting channels as well as the printed and digital press.

Volunteers from Proteccion Civil, the Red Cross and the Forest Firefighting Group (ACIF) are also on the streets, informing residents of de-escalation safety measures, including the need to keep to the right.




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