Karaoke Bars on the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca in Spain don’t know what to do about the safety of the microphones after lockdown finishes


The owners of Karaoke Bars all across Spain are stuck in a quandary-they need to hurry up and open but how will the singers react to using the same mics?

From Benidorm to Spain’s Costa del Sol, there are literally thousands of Karaoke bars and venues just waiting for the signal to open, the problem is how do they reopen with the knowledge that the coronavirus could be passed on by the microphones?

I know from experience that the vast majority of singers refuse to someone else’s microphone, the reason is simple, viruses get passed on easily that way and a “Pro” singer would lose their living for as long as it takes the infection to clear, it’s just not worth the risk.

Its a question everyone who loves karaoke is asking, some “professional” karaoke singers already take their own tracks to the venue, either on CD or a USB stick, but its rare they will take a microphone. But what about after the world’s worst pandemic since the Spanish flu has gone, what do they use then?


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These cheap mic covers would not stop you from catching a virus
How dirty are microphones?
Microphones are used in front of our mouths. They are spit on, sneezed on, and handled from the top down. The germs and viruses left on a microphone can remain infectious for as long as 48 hours (72 hours for the coronavirus) or more depending on how much moisture is present on the windscreen and the age of the windscreen.

It is possible to buy wind-shield covers that are cheap enough for one-time use but they will not stop a person from catching a virus. The screw-on top of a mic is around €10 to buy for a standard SM58 vocal mic, that’s obviously too much, and yes, it’s possible to buy a new mic (if you would call it that for the money) for about the same price. Besides, continually screwing and unscrewing the top of an SM58 microphone is bound to end up damaging it, do the karaoke presenters even want the responsibility of that?

I can’t imagine that Karaoke bars are going to be busy if customers have to take their own mics and even then, holidaymakers which make up at least half the summer trade, would not be aware you have to bring your own equipment. Maybe right there is a business opportunity for someone, cheap karaoke mics!

Some feedback on this article would be very appreciated and may go some way to finding a solution to the problem because without it, what are the venues going to do?



  1. What a load of crap. It is very easy to clean the head after every use. Just use the spray as you would wipe your shopping trolley etc. You know nothing about hosting a karaoke show

    • You are wrong. You cannot properly disinfect a microphone between users. You would have to dismantle the microphone, disinfect it and then reconstruct it. FACT. What you need to do, and it is perfectly easy and sensible, is to use a new small plastic bag secured over the microphone for each user. You can then dispose of the bag after use and wipe the handle with an alcoholic sanitizer.

  2. The singers and the Karaoke presenters have to be protected, The karaoke KJs are most at risk because they have to deal with everyone. I would suggest 2 mic stands with microphones Permanently attached, a work station, with cleaning products, disinfectant, wipes etc, so each singer can clean mic before use, They could also use a personal mic cover. Karaoke slips are low risk, but have to be handed in to the DJ, this could be replaced by text message or social media. The DJ would also use a separate microphone. Stay safe and let’s get people singing again in Benidorm.

  3. I am VERY surprised at Bevan Davids caustic reply..We are ALL in it together and to see such a negative response …I always use a “Muff”, but that is only a small part of it… what about the mike stem…obviously they can be wiped over after each singer, I will be wary using the mike, but life has to carry on..Vive la Carousel, Palladium Memories and ALL the others

  4. Wet wipes alone are not a guarantee as they can’t get deep into the microphone grill effectively. Sprays will, without a doubt, end up damaging the mic through time, no matter if a condenser or dynamic one. A foam mic cover will certainly reduce the risk but again it’s no guarantee. After all, if the mic can still pick up your voice through the foam then it can do so with your germs. I suppose the only option would be a combination of wet wipes and a different foam cover after each singer/s. Worth keeping in mind though; even before Covid-19, each time you use a mic on karaoke the germs you pick up equates to someone spitting in your face – fact.

  5. I am going to try and resume Karaoke in Tenerife this week cleaning down the mics, sanitizer for hands when anyone comes onto the stage and each singer gets to use a disposable mic shield. Will be interesting to see how it goes


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