Costa Almeria government talks to British airline Jet2 with view to promoting region as safe holiday destination

SELLING POINT: The Tourism deputy said the Costa Almeria’s hundreds of kilometres of uncrowded beaches make sticking to social distancing simpler than in other holiday destinations. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera Facebook @aytovera

THE government of Almeria has been talking to UK airline Jet2 as part of its strategy of promoting the region as a safe holiday destination to the British and other European tourist markets.

Tourism Deputy Fernando Giminez spoke to representatives of the airline, one of the most important operating in the province, to discuss the situation in terms of potential visitors from the UK once the coronavirus crisis State of Alarm is lifted and international travel to Spain is able to start up again.

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About one-third of the travellers who flew to Almeria last year were from the UK.

“We are prepared for any scenario with regard to the recovery of international tourism, whenever health and safety are guaranteed, for both travellers and Almerians; this will be our top priority,” Gimenez commented.

The deputy pointed out that tourism is one of the most important sectors for the provincial and national economies, and for this reason the Almeria administration is “in continuous contact with the most important companies at international level.

“We want to carry out actions which allow us to maintain the excellent position which the Costa Almeria destination had before the pandemic,” he emphasised.

“Almeria Province has strengthened and consolidated its image on the international market as a tourist destination in the last decade. We have to take advantage of this situation to recover normal tourism, regain the lost time as soon as possible, know how to adapt to new consumption habits, and achieve that this activity is with the maximum health guarantees,” Gimenez added.

According to the deputy the Costa Almeria has “significant strengths which make us stand out from the competition.”

He underlined the point that the province has had “one of the lowest rates of the virus in Spain, plus the fact that Almeria has “hundreds of kilometres of uncrowded beaches,” making it “simpler to maintain social distancing than in other locations.”


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