Tax Relief for Struggling Bars and Restaurants in Holiday Area of Spain’s Costa Blanca South

Orihuela´s Finance Councillor, Rafael Almagro, suspends terrace taxes.

BARS and restaurants in a tourist area of Spain’s Costa Blanca South region have received some welcome tax relief news.

The hospitality industry has suffered badly because of the country’s State of Alarm lockdown but have now been told by Orihuela Council that they have been totally exempt from paying any taxes on their terrace areas for the rest of the year.

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Orihuela’s Finance Councillor, Rafael Almagro, said:

“To help in the recovery of the local hospitality sector, we have waived all payments for the rest of the year, and they can also claim a refund for money paid during the State of Alarm period when they could not open for business.”

Almagro also reminded owners that they still needed to follow the registration rules.

“We have suspended collecting the fees, but the obligation still remains for bars and restaurants to get permission for their terrace areas.”


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