Scientists Warn Easing UK Coronavirus Lockdown Far Too Risky

Social Distancing on Londons Tube is not really working

THE UK Government’s Scientific advisers have warned of the risks of lifting lockdown in England as the UK heads into the weekend before rules change.

Professor John Edmunds said it was a “political decision” to ease measures; Sir Jeremy Farrar said the NHS test and trace system should be “fully working” before permission is granted to allow social mixing.

As from Monday, more than two people will be able to meet outside and in England, schools will reopen to some pupils, albeit amid great controversy.

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The measures, announced by Boris Johnson on Thursday, will go ahead despite the coronavirus threat level remaining at *four, the second-highest. The prime minister had said earlier in the week that he hoped the threat level would be reduced, but, the independent body that monitors the risk said it was not yet safe to reduce it a notch.

*Level four signifies that the “epidemic is in general circulation; transmission is high or rising exponentially” and means “current social-distancing measures and restrictions” should remain in place.



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