Naughty Belgian Prince Attends Illegal Party in Spain’s Andalucia and is Coronavirus Positive

Prince Joachim: Royally regretful, however, not exempt from the €10,400 fine.

A BELGIAN prince flouted lockdown rules in southern Spain and then tested positive for the coronavirus.

Prince Joachim, who is nephew to Belgium’s King Philippe, went to a house party in Cordoba, and then tested positive afterwards for a mild form of the virus.

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Newspaper El Confidencial broke the story and said that the young royal provided the names of 27 people for contact tracing purposes.

The paper reported that he arrived in the capital of Madrid six days ago on May 24 and then took a train Cordoba, where it is alleged he was going to meet up with a woman that he was in a relationship with.

The story has raised eyebrows on a couple of levels.

Firstly, the party potentially broke State of Alarm rules on the number of people that could get together under one roof, though the exact number has not been made public.

Secondly, Joachim was given permission to travel between different areas of Spain as he was meant to be taking up a placement with an Andalucia area company.

Because of his work status, he appeared to be exempt from going into self-isolation which is the current rule for most foreign arrivals in the country.

El Confidencial says that everybody at the party has been quarantined but there has been no news as to whether anybody will face any prosecution.


  1. Sorry but the person called prince should be under lock and key. This sort of person will effect the rest of us , then bugger off to where he comes from.


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