Man in Gran Canaria Spain sentenced to Four months in Prison and fined €200 for Refusing to wear Mask on Bus and Fighting with Police


A tough sentence was handed to out to the man who on Thursday boarded a local bus service without a mask, the driver apparently tried to reason with the man but to no avail so he called the police.

TWO National Police officers went on to the bus, and informed him of the mandatory use of masks on public transport, and that he was required to wear one.

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However, the accused, “repeatedly refused, clinging tightly to the seat of the bus, refusing to wear a mask, or get off the bus,” which is why they proceeded to arrest him. Furthermore, the officers said that he had “a total disregard for the principle of authority they represent, and in order to hinder their function, he began to struggle with them.”

From this, one of the policemen had minor injuries to his right elbow, and an abrasion to his left forearm, while the other had scratches to his forearm.

The man has started to serve his jail sentence with immediate effect. and no appeal was lodged with the court.




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