easyJet Boss Warns 14-Day Quarantine on UK Arrivals “will scar the economy forever”


A two-week quarantining on arrivals into the UK “will scar the economy forever,” the Swedish boss of easyJet has warned.

Johan Lundgren joined a united travel industry battle against the 14-day isolation plan from June 8 after easyJet announced a 30 per cent cut in the budget airline’s workforce.

His comments came around as it was reported that the plans to quarantine travellers coming into the UK from June 8 were falling apart with Border Force and police officials describing the system as “unenforceable.”

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Lundgren, chief executive of easyJet, described a blanket quarantine as “too blunt an instrument.” He said: “Our flights will recommence on June 15, and we want to be able to fly as many people as possible to wherever it is safe to do so.

Senior government sources were reported as saying that Boris Johnson was preparing to water down some of the scheme, or is considering scrapping it completely. The latest disclosures follow high-level lobbying by senior travel industry leaders and a group of 40 influential MPs.


  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s a bit like Jaws..just when you thought it was safe to go into the water…so just when you thought that foreign holiday might happen along comes Boris with a belated half baked proposal that is totally unenforceable and will kick a struggling industry when it is already on its knees and knock hope out of all our hearts. The time to do this was early March. When it might have helped, but only if there were enough enforcers……

  2. Hi I’m due to travel to Egypt on 21 sep for my partner 50 birthday I’m all for keeping the country safe but if we are coming back from Egypt then I would not be able to go back to work as I be in quarantine for 2 weeks and don’t no if going to Egypt we would have to quarantine so would spoil the holiday so if we are thinking on this line I would cancel all flight out and in to UK and no one gets s summer holidays so we all now were we stand and not keep hoping are we getting away or not then we can plan for next year as this is almost over any way and every one can get all the refunds kind regards Mr tough


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