Clean up your pooch’s pee or face €500 fine Inca council tells dog owners on Spain’s holiday island Mallorca

AWARNESS-RAISING: The council ran an information campaign on the dog pee problem before introducing the fine CREDIT: Ajuntament d’Inca Facebook @ajuntamentinca

CLEAN up your pooch’s pee or face a €500 fine, Inca council has told local dog owners.

The local authority has approved a modification to the municipal by-law on pet ownership which makes it obligatory for people to wash away their dog’s urine using a solution of water and 20 to 50 per cent common vinegar.

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Allowing a dog to urinate on the façades of buildings or urban furniture is now prohibited. The €500 sanction will apply to anyone who let’s their pet do just that, and then fails to clean it up afterwards.

Just one of these violations of the by-law on its own carries a possible €200 fine.

In the run-up to the by-law modification Inca local authority ran an information campaign aimed at encouraging dog owners to clean up after their pets wee while for a walk, which included handing out bottles for the water and vinegar solution.

Environment, Sustainability and Animal Welfare councillor Biel Frontera underlined the importance of the campaign to make people aware of the issue and “to get residents’ commitment”, and reported a “positive” response.

Also related to dog ownership, Inca council has established new sanctions for allowing animals to escape from properties and run loose. Fines go from €300 to up to €600, in the event a dog causes harm to herds of sheep or similar.

Frontera said the move was a response to demands from local farmers.


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