Burglars targeting properties in Alcudia and Inca in Spain holiday destination Mallorca tracked down

CREDIT: Guardia Civil

THREE men in their early twenties are under arrest on suspicion of targeting properties in Inca and Alcudia after Guardia Civil tracked them down.

Investigators believe the trio broke into a house in Alcudia through a roof terrace window and got away with a laptop and a tablet before heading for a rural property in Inca with the idea of robbing that too.

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The plan appeared to have gone wrong when the owner of the Inca house arrived home and surprised them. The robbers fled, but an off-duty local policemen saw them and gave chase, reportedly until the three young men pulled over and threatened him.

The officer was however able to give investigators a description of the three and their car number plate details.

The Guardia set about combing the island for the vehicle, finding it abandoned in Manacor within an hour of the attempted break-in in Inca, and with the stolen laptop and tablet inside.

It turned out that vehicle had not been stolen, but lent to the trio by a friend.

Guardia detained the three a few days later.


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