Velez-Malaga’s Local Police and Proteccion Civil equipped with five defibrillators to help them deal with health emergencies

CARDIO-PROTECTED: Velez-Malaga’s mayor and Public Safety councillor with the defibrillators, credit: Velez-Malaga town hall

FOUR Velez-Malaga Local Police vehicles and one belonging to Proteccion Civil now have defibrillators.

With these additions more than 80 per cent of the municipality’s official vehicles now have lifesaving cardio-protection for emergency cases.

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The five defibrillators are included in Velez-Malaga Town Hall’s €180,000 contract leasing 60 semi-automatic devices that will be installed in municipal buildings, schools, sports centres, cultural centres and the Local Police headquarters.

This initiative will improve health and safety for the Local Police as well as residents and visitors, pointed out Velez-Malaga mayor Antonio Moreno Ferrer and Public Safety councillor Jose Maria Dominguez.

“In the current health crisis, it is even more important for us to be equipped with the means of protecting the local population,” Moreno said.




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