The Diputacion puts its case and explains its refusal to authorise Velez-Malaga’s drafts for the  Coastal Path

MEETING: Francisco Salado with Benajarafe and Chilches residents, credit: Diputacion de Malaga

FRANCISCO SALADO, president of the Diputacion, Malaga’s provincial council, stressed the institution’s commitment to Velez-Malaga’s Senda Litoral (Coastal Path).

Meanwhile, Salado asked Velez-Malaga Town Hall to correct flaws in the three drafts that it presented to the Diputacion and to to “stop pressuring” the technicians who were supervising the project.

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Salado also lamented that Velez-Malaga Town Hall was attempting to cover up “five years of inactivity, immobility and obstruction.”

The provincial council was unable to authorise Velez-Malaga Town Hall’s proposals as these should have included geotechnical studies for the seven bridges included in the path as well as modifications covering rubbish disposal.

Salado recently met representatives from the Benajarafe and Chilches Association, stressing that the Diputacion had made clear its backing for the Coastal Path since 2015.

Salado also defended the Diputacion’s failure to approve the latest plans for almost two kilometres of pathway from the Chilches watercourse as far as the Benajarafe promenade.

The Diputacion was not hindering the Senda Litoral, but merely insisting on compliance with technical and economic requirements, which was essential when financing a project, Salado said.



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