Spain’s Costa del Sol waves goodbye to strict timetabled outings as restrictions on movement finally lifted on Monday June 1

Families no longer have to abide by timetables or restrictions on movement from Monday June 1 on the Costa del Sol. CREDIT: Pexels

Spain’s Costa del Sol can finally wave goodbye to strict timetabled outings as restrictions on movements are lifted from Monday June 1 as Malaga enters Phase 2 of de-escalation.

THAT means people can go out for walks or sports whenever they like without any time restrictions, and parents can go out with their children at a time of their choosing.

Up until now, parents had to comply by the 1-1-1-1 rule, which meant that a parent/guardian could take up to three children under the age of 14 out once a day, for one hour a day, up to 1km distance from their home, with just one adult. People under 70 also had set hours in the morning and evening to practise sports or go for walks, to avoid coinciding with the elderly over 70 years of age and the vulnerable.


Locals are relieved that restrictions on movement will finally be lifted in the Costa del Sol from Monday, as they will once again regain their freedom to go out as many times as they want without any time limits for the first time since mid-March. However, social distancing must be respected and masks must be worn in confined public spaces, as well as outdoors in the street when social distancing can’t be maintained.

The government has also reminded the public that if they start to experience Covid-19 symptoms or a fever, they must stay at home.


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