Salobreña’s litterbug anglers warned that fishing from the beaches could be banned unless they tidy up afterwards

UNTIDY: Salobreña anglers break the rules, credit: Salobreña town hall

SALOBREÑA Town Hall has threatened to bar anglers from the beaches unless they respect the rules.

Fishing from the beaches by anglers possessing a licence has been allowed between 10pm and 9am since the town entered Phase One, although with certain restrictions.

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As well as respecting social distancing requirements, these included a ban on sharing fishing tackle or eating and drinking utensils while anglers were asked to leave the beach clean and tidy before leaving.

Some have been ignoring regulations, Salobreña Town Hall complained, sharing photos of the litter they had left behind, including an abandoned stool.

Residents have also protested that others also breaking the rules by fishing during the time set aside for walking on the beach

“If this continues, the activity could be banned altogether,” municipal sources warned.




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