Passengers on flight from Spain capital Madrid to Lanzarote in quarantine after one tests positive for Covid-19

UNHAPPY: The Canary Island government is reportedly demanding an investigation into why the man got on the plane without waiting to find out his Covid-19 test resuls CREDIT: Frank Härtelt

PASSENGERS on a flight from Madrid to Lanzarote today Friday are now in a 14-day quarantine after one tested positive for Covid-19.

According to Spanish press, the man boarded the plane in the Spanish capital before he knew the results of a test for the virus he’d had before travelling to the Canary Island.

It was also reported that he’d had the test because he’d been in close contact with his mother, who had lost her life to the illness; he had in fact attended her funeral.


When the results came back positive, the health authorities in Castilla y Leon, where he had the test, managed to track down the whereabouts of the individual and got in contact with the Canary Island regional Health ministry. They promptly activated the quarantine protocol for when the aircraft landed at Lanzarote’s Cesar Manrique airport just after 1pm, the reports said.

The Canary Island government are now expected to demand an investigation into the seemingly irresponsible behaviour of the man, originally from Castilla y Leon, but living in Ciudad Real in Castilla-La Mancha, which means not only him, but all the passengers who were sitting near him on the aircraft must remain in quarantine for a fortnight.

Also given that people can only travel between the mainland and the archipelago for reasons of health or work, to return to their usual place of residence, to care for a family member or due to an emergency, and must sign a declaration about their state of health.


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