It’s all going swimmingly as Almuñecar’s Beaches Management Committee prepares to welcome residents and visitors to its beaches

GETTING READY: Preparing for sunbathers and swimmers, credit: Almuñecar town hall

ALMUÑECAR gave the go-ahead to create a Beaches Management Committee to guarantee safety now they are in general use again.

The Comite Gestor de Playas, which will be responsible for planning and authorising the different services and activities on Amuñecar’s beaches, is composed of the Almuñecar’s mayor, Trinidad Herrera and the councillors who head the various town hall departments involved.

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Municipal officials are also included, together with the chiefs of the Local Police force and Proteccion Civil as well as the concessionary that provides the beaches’ lifesaving service.

Thirty-five lifesavers, who are currently being interviewed and selected, will be in their posts for June 12 or June 19, the town hall revealed.

A contingent of 79 beach auxiliaries who have been taken on under the Junta de Andalucia’s Employment Plan are due to arrive on June 15.

“The beach auxiliaries will be assisting the Local Police in providing swimmers and beachgoers with information and keeping a check on the number of people using the beach,” Trinidad Herrera explained.





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