Strategy change on tourist promotion for capital of Spain’s holiday destination Mallorca

PRIORITY: The council and the hotels want to get tourism going again as soon and as safely as possible. CREDIT: Jose Hila Facebook

PALMA Council is changing its strategy for the promotion of the Mallorca capital and its beaches to tourists markets.

The vastly altered situation created by the coronavirus pandemic means that from now on the promotional activities will be year-round and not only during the low holiday season, as has been the norm in the past.

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Mayor Jose Hila and Tourism, Health and Consumer councillor Elena Navarro held a videoconference meeting this week with representatives from the Palma city and Playa de Palma hotel associations to discuss the change in strategy and the steps now being taken to get tourism going again as soon and as safely as possible.

The priority at this time is to reactivate the tourism market for the summer, with a particular focus on visitors from elsewhere in Spain and from Germany.

Actions and budgets have been reprogrammed, and the council and hotels are working in coordination with the government of Mallorca on advertising for TV and social media to promote the island capital as a holiday destination.

There will also be promotional campaigns aimed at the national and German markets, and initiatives in conjunction with tour operators and travel agencies.

One idea currently being developed is the extension of the wi-fi network and a mobile phone app which will allow tourists to find out in real time the beach areas with available space.


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