Spain – Andalucia: 80-year-old Former Torrox Tax Collector to receive €4.7 Million in Wrongful Dismissal Case

The mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina announces the payment made to the former Torrox tax collector

After almost 30 years of legal wrangling, the mayor, Óscar Medina (PP), and the former tax collector for Torrox, Antonio Barragán, signed an agreement before a notary for compensation regarding wrongful dismissal.

THE case hinged on a labour law technicality in that Barragán had been dismissed without the three mandatory months of notice stipulated in the contract he signed at the time.

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At almost 80 years old, the former municipal tax collector, who now lives in the Sevillian town of Coria del Río, has received a total of €4.7 million, while the City Council ends one of its most controversial eras in local history.

The agreement entered into between both parties has been made effective with a final payment of €3.5 million, which will be paid within a maximum period of six months. The remaining €1.2 million was already received by the former tax collector in the 90’s after successive judicial decisions in his favour.


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