Health and Beauty News: Charcoal toothpaste, from black to white

Activated charcoal: Great at absorbing toxins, stains and bacteria Credit: Adobe Stock

Health and Beauty News: Charcoal toothpaste, from black to white

CHARCOAL toothpaste is all the rage for tooth whitening. It is a natural solution for brighter, whiter teeth… but does it actually help?

The type of charcoal you find in toothpaste is made of natural materials like wood and coconut shells that are oxidised under extreme heat to make activated charcoal. The process causes it to become more porous and in this state, it is great at absorbing toxins, stains and bacteria.

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Brushing with activated charcoal aids with halitosis by absorbing the bacteria that causes it. It’s gritty, like baking soda, so it can also be used to buff the surfaces of your teeth, literally polishing them.

As charcoal is abrasive it could wear down the enamel, so don’t use it every session without talking to a dentist. Also, make sure to use very fine charcoal. Activated charcoal can remove surface stains, which means if you have a coffee addiction, this might work wonders. Things like wine or tea stains can be effectively removed with charcoal toothpaste. It won’t, however, have much of an effect on stains from smoking. You’ll need a professional whitener for that.


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