Gypsy Lynch Squad Gang Together to Prevent Spanish Police from Arresting Attempted Murder Suspects in Alicante


Spanish police were threatened by a Gypsy ‘Lynch Squad’ as they tried to arrest three minors hiding out at a camp in a neighbourhood of Elche in Alicante.

THE gypsy clans threatened to lynch police officers as they sought to arrest three teenagers who were wanted for questioning in regards to a case of attempted murder.

In La Puñalada, a marginal neighbourhood in Elche (Alicante), it has taken the National Police a week to contain several gypsy clans who allegedly committed a crime against three minors in their family for a drug problem. It is understood that a drug addict had been stabbed in the lung and is fighting for their life in hospital.

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According to sources, the National Police were shocked by the violence they met from the gypsy clans and it took almost a week of stand-offs for them to detain the three minors who are now helping them with their enquiries.

The investigation continues…







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