Experts- Don’t hold yer breath!

The government needs the public's encouragement

Have you ever heard so many ‘experts’ give their opinions on a problem they had no idea even existed three short months ago?

And have you also noticed how many of these so-called intellectuals choose to spout their ’locked-down’ views against a background of shelves stuffed with books? Bearing in mind that most of us have, at the mere push of a button, access to just about every book ever published, is this supposed to instil into us some form of confidence, that those who have access to these ‘libraries’ are the ‘whizzes’ we need to give us the answers to all the tribulations that beset us? Give us a break. I’d like to see any one of them in the shoes of the British government, able to do a better job.

Most of us can hone in on a couple of problems and decide that we know better, but this situation has presented the government with a whole multitude of unprecedented circumstances. Their decisions and actions have needed to traverse an almost unbelievable spectrum of ongoing difficulties, from the supply of paper masks and new laws to the balanced distribution of billions of pounds in their attempts to keep the country and its citizens from sinking into a morass of economic debt and despair. Medical conundrums, which include testing and supplies, have created logistical nightmares that would challenge the finest managerial brains in the world.

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The pure mental strain and responsibilities have been enough to bring any normal bunch of individuals to their knees. Yet, despite the constant nitpicking of the left, they have with calm dignity, soldiered on, even though their own leader was incapacitated for some weeks. Well, I for one think they deserve far more credit than they are receiving. If anyone needed the encouragement and gratitude of a public they are obviously trying so hard to protect and serve, it is this government. A group of dedicated men and women, who, through no fault of their own, suddenly found themselves forced into the front line of defence from an invisible attacking pestilence whose sole enemy is the entire human race.

For heaven’s sake, all of you trying to get brownie points, or reap cheap political advantage from this nightmare should be giving them all the support you can. Anything less makes you a part of the problem, and most emphatically not apart of the solution. Another occurrence arising from all this mayhem is the reduction by 57% of out-patients visiting A&E. Assuming around 10% of these are genuine cases of those not wishing to visit for personal reasons, this leaves a huge section of people staying away with other maladies, which must include the drunks, hypochondriacs and the victims of street violence that usually jam the waiting rooms of these vital overworked departments.

Let’s hope all these time waters continue to see some sense when all this gets back to normal. But don’t hold yer breath!
Keep the faith.


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