Euro Weekly News Reader’s letters from Spain and the UK

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 Boris basher

Dear Euro Weekly News,
I can’t help but ask how on earth can Leapy back the Prime Minister.  He has changed “the goalposts” to fit in with Dominic Cummings’ actions.  I read the open letter from the lady whose 14-year-old son died.   No comparison to Cummings “do as he thought fit”, with total disregard for the UK citizens.  I have totally lost faith in the UK Government.  Both Boris and Cummings should go.

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Moira Masson

Figure it out

Dear Euro Weekly News,
Does anybody have a clue as to what on earth has happened with the Spanish Coronavirus figures? One day it was 56 deaths in a day and then all of a sudden it’s 35 within a week. Also, there was some miscount or misinformation involving a difference of 2000 death….2000!!
How can we put our trust in these guys if they cannot even give us the right information? By doing this it will only goad the conspiracy theorists into getting on board.
I understand the French are at it too and each of their papers reports a different figure. Who can we turn to for this information, it is creating panic when all we want is reassurance.

David Holmes

Community hero

Dear Euro Weekly News,
Bravo, may I just say that your Community Hero competition idea was fantastic. Both recognising and rewarding those people was a brilliant gesture. It is times like these that people need that boost and to know they are doing well. So well done.
I would also have voted for Fina, she is an amazing, amazing woman. She is so kind and caring and to have treated her will make her so happy. Thank you for making her happier. Although she will probably take no credit she definitely deserves it.
Well done to the others too, I can’t believe this daft virus has brought so many caring people out of the woodwork and what better platform to announce it in than the one that has provided news and entertainment throughout this time. My favourite Euro Weekly News

Jez Harrison


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