Andalucian Government asks Residents to Rally Round and Buy Local Spanish Produce


‘FILL your table in Andalucia’: Says the Andalucian Government in a move to encourage residents to consume local products and revive the local economy.

# ConsumeAndalucia is a campaign commissioned by local government to remind everyone about the sacrifice of farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, who during the State of Alarm have worked to supply the Andalucian, national and world markets.

Today it is time to think about them. Today and for them, fill your table in Andalucia.” 



Quote from the Junta de Andalucia:

“With the hashtag # ConsumeAndalucia, citizens have the opportunity to demonstrate on social networks their generosity, commitment, solidarity, and gratitude to those who these past weeks worked in silence to guarantee the supply of basic products in the shopping cart. Agriculture, livestock, fishing, and sustainable development were the heroes, and now is the time for recognition and support.

“Everything we do defines us. Each act speaks of who we are, what matters to us. Now we have the opportunity to say so much with so little. The opportunity to show the best of us. For our future. For your future. Fill your table in Andalucia.”

Throughout the crisis supermarkets across Spain experienced the largest rise in sales for years, some quoting a 30 per cent increase, this is now expected to flatten out as people eat out at restaurants and are also able to buy fresh farm produce themselves, a trend the government hopes will continue.


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