Sharing Shisha Not Allowed Under Spain’s State of Alarm as 3 Bars Are Sanctioned in Malaga’s Costa del Sol

No Shisha: Bars in Malaga fined for allowing customers to share shishas. Credit: El Correo

Local Police in Spain have fined five different establishments in Costa del Sol’s Malaga for improper conduct, three of which have been sanctioned for serving shisha to share.

THIS Tuesday there have been a total of 261 new police interventions on the terraces of Malaga as bars and restaurants were not complying with the security measures decreed by the central government to guarantee a safe reopening, adding to a total of 3,385 interventions. Only on Tuesday, they established 38 complaints and issued five sanctions to establishments.

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Amongst these businesses who have been denounced for improper use of security guidelines have been three establishments who have allowed customers to share shisha, also known as hookah pipe, an activity which constitutes an evident risk in the coronavirus climate. These businesses were located on the Tomas Echeverría street, Záncara street and Andrómeda street.

On the same day, police sanctioned a total of 74 people for not complying with security measures adding to a total of 8,770 since the beginning of the State of Alarm in Malaga on March 14. On Tuesday, 28 of these sanctions were for not abiding to the 2m security distance, 23 for not wearing a mask, and 23 were for non-compliance with other decree measures.


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