No Mask No Service: Shops in the US have started to refuse to serve customers not wearing a mask- and this could spread to Europe


Many retailers across the country have adopted a new policy: No mask, no service and the idea is slowly catching on in Europe.

While the rule is meant to curb the spread of COVID-19, some Americans are unwilling to wear a mask, saying they are uncomfortable or it impinges upon their civil liberties.

In the last few weeks a spate of American stores have made headlines after putting up signs telling customers who wear masks they will be denied entry. On Thursday however, a Kentucky convenience store put up a sign reading: “NO Face Masks allowed in the store. Lower your mask or go somewhere else”, prompting hundreds of calls to a consumer rights office.

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The thing is, some shop owners around Europe have started to copy the Americans in putting signs in their windows to inform customers they MUST wear a mask to enter. Managers and staff are not willing to put their health at risk simply because one person refuses to wear a mask.

A quick look at social media from around Spain confirms one thing, no-one wants to wear a mask, residents of Madrid that were among the last members of the population to come out of the lockdown were seen blatantly disregarding the mandatory law. Shop keepers however have to, its a difficult one, refuse customers or lose business.

Only time will of course, and the law may well change, but for now, its common sense, wear your masks when out in public!






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