Five-month-old baby Dies after Voodoo Witch Doctor Administered Turtle Blood to Protect against the Coronavirus


A 5-month- old Haitian girl has died after a witch doctor gave her turtle blood to avoid catching the coronavirus.

The parents of the minor and another sister, 7 years old, also had the drink and are at present in intensive care at the Rosa Duarte Hospital, in Comendador, in the Elías Piña province (west), but “they are stable”, although very sad about what happened, said the director of the center, Dahiana Vólquez.

According to Vólquez, the girl arrived dead at the hospital, after ingesting a drink prepared with various ingredients, including turtle blood, which the family obtained through an alleged witch doctor, a Haitian national, who was telling everyone to ” protect yourself ”against diseases such as Covid-19 and the so-called“ evil eye ”

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An investigation is currently underway by police, more information to follow.



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