Fake car theft report lands young Mojacar driver in trouble with the law on Spain’s Costa Almeria

NO PROOF: Guardia officers failed to find any evidence the vehicle had been forced open or damaged CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A FAKE car theft report has landed a young Mojacar driver in trouble with the Guardia Civil.

The 22-year-old, identified as J H G, told the Guardia he had left his car parked close to his home, only to find the following morning that it was gone.

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An investigation was duly opened, beginning with a close look at the street from where the vehicle was supposedly taken to try and locate some kind of evidence and conclusive information.

A short time later a patrol found the abandoned car in the Marina de la Torre area of Mojacar Playa.

But when officers did a thorough examination of the vehicle they failed to find any signs it had been forced open or damaged, or any fingerprints or other proof pointing to it having been stolen.

What did emerge from the investigation, and from cooperation with the Local Police, was that before the young man told the Guardia his car had been nicked he had been surprised driving at high speed and going the wrong way, and had ignored officers’ instructions.

The young man has now admitted he had made a false report and faces charges for fraud.


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