Elderly motorist drives 18 kilometres wrong way down highway on Spain’s holiday island Mallorca

DISTRACTED: The 85-year old told the Guardia he’d had a lapse of concentration CREDIT: Guardia Civil

AN 85-year old motorist who drove some 18 kilometres the wrong way down a road in Manacor on Tuesday morning told the Guardia Civil he’d got distracted.

A Guardia Civil Traffic patrol eventually intercepted the octogenarian’s vehicle after several drivers contacted the emergency services to warn that much to their alarm they had gone past a car going against the traffic in a lane of the highway running between Manacor and Mallorca capital Palma.

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The elderly man admitted a lapse of concentration led to his mistake, said after he realised what he’d done he had then been able to find an exit off the road.

There were no reports the incident caused any accidents.


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