Violent and Wanted: 22-Year-Old Fugitive Found by Spain’s Police in Algecira’s Cadiz


THE detainee is a young man, 22 years of age, who escaped from the justice system in 2015 whilst serving a sentence for homicide in a juvenile centre. The man who is considered one of Spain’s youngest fugitives and has been found hiding in Algeciras, Cadiz.

This is a particularly violent criminal who is always armed, using fake documentation who belongs to other people with similar traits to his. National Police officers have detained him in Algeciras, Cádiz.

The investigations carried out in the last four years have led to the arrest of one of the most wanted fugitives in the Campo de Gibraltar region and alleged perpetrator of the crimes of violating a sentence, attempted murder, attack on an officer of authority, falsehood documentation, the illegal possession of weapons, the illegal possession of a weapon of war and theft of a vehicle.

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In February 2018, he was identified during a routine check carried out by the Algeciras Local Police. On that occasion, he gunned down the officers to ensure their flee and managed to escape after crossing the National 340.

The policemen unsuccessfully tried to arrest him because he used the weapon he was carrying, however, targeting police officers and again fleeing. A few days later, there was an armed confrontation on Calle Andalucía in Algeciras, in which one person was shot four times in the legs. The investigation determined that the alleged perpetrator was now arrested.

After being hidden for some time in Morocco, the fugitive returned to Spain. His criminal activity was focused on the Costa del Sol, where he was identified in the theft of a vehicle with which a police check was skipped, ramming a police van and pointing his gun at the police once again, to escape.

Finally, they found his whereabouts in a neighbourhood of Algeciras. Officers intercepted him trying to escape through the roof, hidden outside a window on the second floor of the building.

In the house search, an automatic UZI submachine gun with a silencer and a 9mm parabellum pistol was found. Ammunition, geolocation systems and identification documents were also found, as well as a large cylinder motorcycle that he used for his displacements.

The detainee is in prison without bail.



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