Tory MP resigns & many others threaten to do the same over UK PM’s handling of Dominic Cummings’ alleged lockdown breach

UK PM Boris Johnson is facing mounting pressure to sack top aide Dominic Cummings

Douglass Ross, a government minister in the Scotland Office announced his resignation today in response to the UK Prime Minister’s handling of Dominic Cummings’ alleged breach of lockdown restrictions – and travelling 260 miles to Durham during lockdown, as reported.

SEVERAL other MPs are threatening to hand in their resignations too if Cummings does not resign.

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In a statement, Ross said that a “vast majority” of people do not share Dominic Cummings’ interpretation of lockdown. “I have constituents who didn’t get to say goodbye to loved ones; families who could not mourn together; people who didn’t visit sick relatives because they followed the guidance of the Government. I cannot in good faith tell them they were all wrong and one senior adviser to the government was right,” he added.

In response to the resignation, Downing Street stated that Boris Johnson “regretted” Ross’ “decision to stand down”. It is expected that more resignations will follow as Johnson now faces mounting pressure from many other MPs in his own party to sack his top aide Dominic Cummings for flouting lockdown restrictions.




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