Speed limit slapped on Palma drivers who must learn to share streets with pedestrians, cyclists and scooter-riders

SPEED LIMIT: 30kph on the majority of Palma streets, credit: antekbajar

THE 30-kilometre speed limit inside Palma will be extended to include 90 per cent of the city’s streets.

Vehicles will have to learn to share space with pedestrians, cyclists and scooter-users, said Palma’s mayor Jose Hila.

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The move aims to pacify traffic, increase safety, and make it easier for members of the public to maintain the required two-metre distance from each other to avoid spreading Covid-19.

At present the 30 kilometre per hour speed limit has been imposed on fewer than 20 per cent of the Palma roads that are open traffic, including the Old Quarter and three neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city.

Extending the speed restriction was a “brave step” towards creating a new city model, Hila declared, revealing that the proposal will be introduced during the plenary council held today Thursday.




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