Rincon de la Victoria town hall makes ‘Safe and sustainable beaches’ pledge for the summer season

WELL-GROOMED: Sand is sieved, raked and levelled, credit: Rincon de la Victoria town hall

RINCON DE LA VICTORIA town hall will analyse the sand on the local beaches and the surface of the showers.

Testing for several types of bacteria and fungal infections will be carried out by a laboratory at cost of €1,234 during the first fortnight of June, July and August, the town hall’s Environment councillor Sergio Diaz announced.

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“This is necessary prior to opening the beaches to the public which owing to this year’s Covid-19 pandemic, will take place during the de-escalation period,” Diaz said.

Francisco Salado, Rincon de la Victoria’s mayor, emphasised the importance of the work carried out by all town hall departments to ensure that the town’s coast was a safe and sustainable tourist destination.

“Together with basic hygiene measures, we shall introduce further procedures to control use of the beaches with regard to the coronavirus,” he added.

In the meantime, sand on the town’s beaches is being sifted and raked, the Environment councillor said, and walkways put in place.  Two more lifeguard towers are also to be installed, bringing a total of 12.




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