Reckless Driver On The Wrong Side of The Costa del Sol Highway Drives 15km From Fuengirola to Alhaurin Before Police Intercept Him

Reckless Driver: police chase down a man on the opposite side of the A-7 in Malaga Credit: Shutterstock
The traffic division of the Guardia Civil has arrested a reckless driver who was driving on the wrong side of the A-7 Costa del Sol Highway for 15 kilometres from Fuengirola to Alhaurin de la Torre where they intercepted him.

The man behind the wheel is 40-year-old and thankfully was driving alone in the car and during the early hours of the morning when there is not as much traffic on the roads.

He was driving on the road which takes you to Cadiz but in the opposite direction, so he was actually on the way to Malaga.

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According to sources, the traffic division of the Guardia Civil launched a device to try and stop the man but they had to chase him for several kilometres before managing to intercept the driver.

The 112 Emergency Services number in the region confirmed that they received several warnings about this reckless driver, the first of which was received at 1:10a.m. in the morning. The call informed them of a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction on the A-7 in the Fuengirola area and then they received notice of the same situation as the vehicle advanced on the road a few kilometers further.


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