Italy Creates Social Distancing Army of 60,000 Volunteers amid Fears of a Second Wave of the Coronavirus

A busy street in Rome- Social distancing being blantantly ignored.

The Italian government have announced plans to create an army of 60,000 volunteers who would monitor social distancing rules across the country.

THE volunteers would not have any policing powers as such but would patrol piazzas, parks, playgrounds, markets, bar areas and beaches, asking people not to congregate in large groups and to keep their distance from one another.

In a bid to reduce unemployment, they would be drawn from the ranks of the unemployed, those on income support and those who have been furloughed as a result of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

The ‘civic assistants,’ as they would be known, would monitor gatherings and pass on information to the police and the Civil Protection Agency. They would not be able to actually force people to disperse but it is hoped that the public would eventually accept their presence and abide by the law.



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