German Tourists Allowed Back on the Shores of Spain’s Mallorca, Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol This Summer

Germans Return: Germany wants to encourage tourism in Spain and across the EU this summer. CREDIT: Tommie Hanson

The German Government has announced that it will lift its travel ban on residents, allowing German nationals to practice tourism once again on the sunny shores of Spain’s Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol this summer, alongside 30 other European countries.

Germany has agreed that its citizens will be able to practice tourism within the EU as early as June 15. This measure would include member EU states and would only come into fruition by next month, however, the council of ministers still has the opportunity to dispute this and extend the travel ban once more.

Nevertheless, the German Minister announced that after June 15, the country will no longer have a travel ban imposed on them. Instead each country will receive a specific set of indications and recommendations which should be abided to when travelling abroad. The aim for Germany is to re-activate tourism.

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Germany hopes that the favourable evolution of the pandemic which we have been witnessing in most European states will allow summer holidays and the season in general to be salvaged. This measure is not only important for Germany’s tourism economy, but for the economy of its fellow member EU states who are all interconnected with the euro. If member states have a quick recovery and strong revitalisation of their economies, this will also benefit Germany.

Amongst the criteria outlined by Germany to allow for foreign tourism is agreeing on a set of communal measures to be adopted by all states, regulation of social distancing, increased ventilation in hotels, and the mandatory use of masks.

Furthermore, Germany expects member states to accommodate for tourism and travel, for example by lifting travel bans in each state which Spain has agreed to do in July.

This decision by Spain to remove the 14-day quarantine in July has been well received by tour operators who are eager to make their money back after their immense losses during the crisis.

Lufthansa has also agreed that it will increase the amount of connecting flights between Spain and Germany this summer. This will come as good news especially to the areas of Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Mallorca which rely heavily on the German tourism market each year.


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