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Spike prediction: Crowds celebrate Ramadan. Credit: Twitter

Dependant nation

Dear Leapy Lee,
I like your articles in EWN, in fact, it is the only bit apart from the puzzles I even bother with. Recently the headlines seem to only portray whining ex-pats, mostly British.

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Two comments on this week’s article.
I predict that there will be a spike in coronavirus in the UK around June 11, approximately 21 days after the end of Ramadan and the following Eid.

The other comment is about the UK being able to produce anything, This is more or less straight from Sun Tzu.

How do you reduce a country’s capabilities and make it subservient?
Provide a range of goods to them which is cheaper than their own home-produced goods. Wait 10 years and they will have lost the capability to produce them and many associated goods, their workforce will have a skills gap.
Keep supplying enough goods cheaper than home-produced goods and you eventually arrive at a nation who is dependent and ripe for effective subjugation or is no longer a threat.
Coal, steel, and national defence goods need not be the first ones supplied. Look at what we are short of and where it is usually sourced from.

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