Coronavirus Crisis Causes Strain on Prisons in Spain as Centre in Andalucía’s Cordoba Experiences Aggressive Brawl


The coronavirus crisis has undoubtedly affected the entire world and prisons in Spain are not exempt from this intense pressure, as a correctional centre in Andalucia’s Cordoba experiences a violent brawl.

The crisis has caused a sort of double lockdown across Spain’s prisons as they have not only been pent up in their cells, but they have also been restricted from any friends or family visiting them which has caused tensions to heighten throughout facilities.

The Centro Pentineciario in Cordoba has had a rough 48 hours of violence which began with an attempt to begin a riot in the M-10 wing of the prison as the inmates flooded their cells using soap water and barricaded all entrances with their mattresses. After destroying the furniture, they rallied inmates to “rise up” and fight the prison officers. However, the guards were able to keep the potential riot under control.

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The next day prison officers were alerted of a disturbance at around 8:00p.m. in the isolation wing of the facility. Upon entering the cell from which they suspected a disturbance, the prison officers were attacked with a bucket of water mixed with bleach which if they had not been equipped with the correct protective material could have seriously injured them.

The inmate had a glass shard which he used as a weapon after smashing the light in the ceiling and threatened to kill the officers. After a slight struggle the prisoner was restrained and relocated to solitary confinement.


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