Coke concealed in fresh meat delivery in San Juan de los Terreros on Spain’s Costa Almeria

SEIZED: The Guardia found 420 doses of the drug mixed up with the meat CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

A 31-YEAR old is under arrest for operating a drug home delivery service after Guardia Civil seized more than 400 doses of cocaine concealed in a bag of fresh meat in San Juan de los Terreros.

Guardia investigations revealed that the man identified as A.R.A. had been running a drug sales operation by taking orders over the phone. He would then drive round with the requested amount of coke to the purchaser’s address and collect payment at the same time.

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Surveillance and monitoring operations established his most common distribution routes and that of his own supply.

In the final phase of the operation officers detained the 31-year old after intercepting him in his vehicle in the Pulpi locality.

An inspection of the car led to the discovery of the plastic bag with the meat inside. Mixed up amongst it were 420 doses of coke, wrapped and ready for sale.

The Guardia said their investigation remains open and that further arrests have not been ruled out.


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