UK Weather: Britain to scorch in temperatures hotter than Marbella for days before ‘dramatic dip’


Monday will see ‘lots of sunshine from the word go’ with highs consistently in the high-20s in the south for much of the week

UK forecasters are in agreement, May will end with a flurry of high temperatures and overall fine weather.

Sun worshippers can look forward to temperatures hitting a high in London this week with the mercury reaching well over 26ºC, however, temperatures in coastal areas are likely to be much cooler at around 20ºC- which is still nice and warm!

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The eastern areas will enjoy sunny spells while western parts are expected to have almost constant sunshine.

A few light rain showers are expected first thing in northern and central areas but as these will fade to be replaced by clearer skies. Southern England and Northern Ireland should see sunnier conditions and will feel warmer and less windy than Saturday.



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