Tourist Shopping Hotspot Reopens in Spain’s Costa Blanca South

Red paint social distancing markings on a famous Torrevieja shopping walkway.

A POPULAR tourist shopping hotspot has opened up in Spain’s Costa Blanca South for the first time since early March.

Torrevieja’s Paseo de la Libertad, nicknamed as the Paseo de los Hippies, is back in business at 50 per cent of its normal capacity on the famous thoroughfare, after being forced to close due to the country’s State of Alarm regulations.

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An agreement on safety standards and social distancing was reached between Torrevieja Council and the traders, who occupy over 160 stalls in the city’s famous artisan market that is normally a magnet for both local shoppers and tourists.

The vendors will have be inside their stall area, and red signs have been painted on the pavement to mark out distances to make sure that customers don’t get too close.

Traders will work on alternate days on either side of the walkway, which means that the area will be able to maintain safety protocols.


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