Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca Won’t Be Receiving Any Norwegian Tourists Till Late Summer

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Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca will have to wait a little longer before they can begin receiving Norwegian tourists this summer, as the Nordic country has asked residents to cancel all of their trips until August 20.

THIS decision was taken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and concludes that all travel to foreign countries should be cancelled until August 20. This has also involved the government contacting the Swedish tour operator, Apollo, TUI Nordic, and the Ving Group (formerly Thomas Cook Northern Europe) and let them know they must cancel all trips scheduled until that date.

As reported by the local media, this measure is estimated to have affected at least 60,000 Norwegian tourists. On their behalf, the Ving group has also specified that this measure will affect 32,000 individuals given that the summer is the most important season for travels and profits.

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Nora Aspengren, the director of communications at TUI Nordic has detailed that, for the moment, they do not have any data regarding the number of trips and how many passengers have been affected. She states that their main priority now is informing the customers about their cancelled holidays.

Apollo has also indicated that they are immersed in reimbursements and did not provide an exact number regarding cancelled trips and affected clients.

The Ving Group has highlighted the sticky situation that travel companies find themselves in, especially through the combined package deals, and that they need a support scheme to help them make reimbursements.


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