Sign of Normality as Full Rubbish Removal Returns to Spain´s Costa Blanca South Area of Orihuela


IN a sign of normality, a full rubbish removal service has returned to the Orihuela area in Spain´s Costa Blanca South region.

Orihuela´s Councillor for Street Cleaning and Refuse Disposal, Dámaso Aparicio, said that the collection of household items like furniture is back in business.

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As was the case before the introduction of the State of Alarm, prior notification is needed with the Orihuela council, so that a note can be made of the appropriate point where the item or items can be picked up.

“All of the items that have been left will be disinfected and then collected after 72 hours to make sure that the council workers remain healthy,” Aparicio explained.

The request to have belongings picked up in Orihuela City and the districts can be made by calling 965 306 178, where the timings will be explained to residents.

For people who live on the Orihuela Costa, the phone number is 966 076 100, extension 4513.

Meanwhile, Emergencies Councillor Víctor Valverde, has made a fresh appeal over the problem of the last two months of people just throwing used gloves and masks onto the ground.

Valverde said:- “They are not recyclable, irrespective of whether they are made of paper, plastic or cloth. They should also be thrown away with the rest of any rubbish into appropriate containers, and never onto the ground aimlessly.”

“Any such littering increases the chances of spreading the coronavirus amongst the residents, since there is every possibility that these protective items could be contaminated”, the councillor added.

Orihuela council also issued a warning over the regular problem of dog dirt and urine.

The authority reminded pet owners of their legal obligation to collect any mess, and also to curb any urine being sprayed on facades, walls and portals.

Dogs ought to be guided to the curb to reduce any health issues, and it is recommended to carry some soapy water to avoid leaving any urine stains on the pavements and curbs.

On a positive note, the mobile eco-park in Orihuela City is once again available to recycle small household waste that is not thrown away as small appliances, oil, computer equipment, aerosols or paints.

The ecopark runs between Monday to Wednesday in the car park of the Ociopía Shopping Centre, before travelling around the municipality on a rota basis for the rest of the week.


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