Resurgence of coronavirus cases in Costa Blanca’s Marina Baixa, including Spain’s holiday hotspot Benidorm

NEW CASES: 107 positives in Marina Baixa in 11 days.

There has been a resurgence of new coronavirus cases in Costa Blanca’s Marina Baixa, including Benidorm.

MARINA BAIXA, in Alicante Province, was one of the first health districts in the Costa Blanca which passed into Phase 1 of Spain’s de-escalation process.

And it has been suggested the relaxing of restrictions may have caused a resurge in new cases, with the Health Department of Marina Baixa confirming there have been more than 107 new Covid-19 cases recorded between May 13 and May 24.

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On one of those days, 29 new infections were detected.

The Department said the data is “cause for concern,” for the district where there are 823 current cases of coronavirus.

Within the Valencia Community, Marina Baixa has the third most cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The Department of Health reassured Marina Baixa remains “controlled and calm,” and said it will investigate whether they are actually people who have become infected since a relaxation of lockdown, or whether they are old cases which have just come to light.



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