Refusal to Wear Masks Sees Arrests as Tempers Get Frayed at Takeaway in Spain’s Costa Blanca

Top masks. Credit: Shutterstock

TWO men who refused to wear masks at a takeaway in Spain’s Costa Blanca region have been arrested by the police.

Elche Local Police officers were called to a food outlet in the Altabix area of the city, after being called by the shop’s owner.

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The two individuals defied pleas to put on masks, and were charged with disobedience.

The men were said to be non-Spanish, with all communication carried out in English, though their nationalities were not released by the police.

The customers refused to leave after being politely requested to follow the health guidelines, including not observing social distancing rules with the food outlet’s staff.

Tempers started to get frayed from the duo, who even aggressively got right into the face of the manageress and told her that they would not leave the premises.

When the police arrived, the men’s behaviour did not change, despite being told by the officers over the need to wear a mask.

They still refused to leave and would not offer any identification, as the verbal exchange continued in English.

The patience of the officers was by then exhausted, and they arrested the duo, aged 52 and 45 years.

One of them tried to resist detention violently, and faces a charge of resistance, in addition to both individuals being charged with a crime of disobedience.


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