House burglars caught in the act in holiday town San Jose in Spain’s Costa Almeria

SURPRISED: Officers came across the robbers still searching for stuff worth stealing. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

FOUR house burglars are under arrest after the Guardia Civil caught the group red-handed breaking into a home in the popular holiday town San Jose in the Costa Almeria’s Cabo de Gata National Park.

The Guardia reported the detention of three men in their 20’s and a 30-year-old after a call out to 062.

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Acting in collaboration with Nijar Local Police, officers found the front door to the property had clearly been forced open and the alarm system disabled.

Inside they found cupboards had been opened up and the contents all messed up or strewn on the floor. But they also came across the robbers, still searching for stuff worth stealing.

All four have been charged with breaking and entering.


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