Grandparents in Spain can’t wait to hug their grandkids once lockdown comes to an end

MAIN ROLE: Nearly half those surveyed said it was the job of grandparents to spoil their grandchildren CREDIT: George Hodan

GRANDPARENTS in Spain can’t wait until they can give their grandchildren a hug once again once the lockdown finally comes to an end, a new study shows.

The survey of over-55s by a leading nappy manufacturer revealed that enforced confinement at home and physical separation from their families have made grandmas and granddads around the country miss their grandkids more than anything else.

No less than 83 per cent said what they most want to do when the coronavirus crisis situation is eventually under control is to cuddle the grandchildren, while 66 per cent are looking forward to giving the grandkids a kiss.


Psychologist Silvia Alava explained to Spanish press that grandparents “are reference figures for their grandchildren because they give them love, tenderness, confidence and time.

“Hugging and physical contact are essential for them and for others”, she said.

Grandparents taking part in the survey were also asked what it is about their children which makes them happy.

Nearly all of them, 98 per cent, said it was because the children are themselves happy, 96 per cent said their granddaughters and grandsons make them feel alive, and 95 per cent said it was they give them a lot of affection.

Interestingly some 45 per cent of survey participants said they believed their main role in their grandchildren’s lives is to spoil them and to make them feel loved.


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