BREAKING NEWS: Police Find A Dead Body in a Car in Costa del Sol’s Mijas – Malaga


Guardia Civil officers have opened an investigation into the discovery of a dead body in a car in Mijas, Malaga.

ACCORDING to police sources, the lifeless body of a 38-year-old Spanish man was found in a car in the El Coto Urbanisation at the early hours of Saturday morning, May 23.

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Apparently, a neighbour was the first to notice the man was lifeless after he had seen him several hours before in that same position, therefore he approached the vehicle to see if he was okay.

The Guardia Civil has now taken over the investigations and a judicial procession has been activated. The body has now been removed and transferred to the Institute of Legal Medicine.

Sources say there were no signs of violence, however, an autopsy which is scheduled to be preformed today, Monday, will shed a new light on to the death of the man.


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