Blitz Launched Against Poisonous Tiger Mosquitoes in Spain’s Costa Blanca South

Spraying operation against mosquitoes in Torrevieja.

A blitz has been launched against poisonous tiger mosquitoes in Spain’s Costa Blanca South area.

THE resort of Torrevieja has increased spraying and other protective measures against the pest after increasing complaints about the mosquito across the city, and not just regular suffering areas close to the salt lake like Los Balcones and the Torettas.

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Heavy rain in recent months led to water accumulating on property land as well as swimming pools not being maintained due to the State of Alarm measures.

Any water is a good breeding ground for the tiger mosquito, and many holiday homes did not see visitors at normally busy times like Easter because of the restrictions on travel.

That has meant that there has been nobody around to follow the traditional practices of keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

The salty marshlands by the lake are also good fertile ground for the mosquito and the issue rears its head every year, but the current circumstances has seen a rise in reports in areas like El Acequión.

Torrevieja’s Heath and Pest Control councillor, Diana Box Alonso, says that extra staff has been taken on compared to previous years to deal with the issue.

A special team with a big spray cannon are operating weekdays across the city, and can also be drafted in a Saturday depending on the circumstances.

There are also groups carrying out spraying and treatments in a variety of areas, including in public parks.


  1. yes, just spraying hard poison
    there are hardly any bees, no more ants
    and who knows how many people get sick … where do my constant headaches come from ???


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